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President Miraflores welcomes you to the New Republic of Anchuria and personally guarantees your safety during your stay.
Welcome aboard.
Please choose the land you call home.

We’re Flying Better Than Ever.
coming home by Bala K
747 Departure by Paul Nelhams
Discover the land
of the setting sun.
image United Boeing 747 launch brochure
The 747 is a lot of nice little things.

Big jet engines for you.

When Anchurian Air placed the first 362-passenger 747 LuxuryLiner in commercial service, air travel entered a new phase in terms of service and speed, comfort and convenience.

The 747 LuxuryLiner is the largest, fastest and most luxurious airliner in the history of aviation. The interior of the 747 LuxuryLiner creates the atmosphere of a living room in the sky with roomy seats extra-wide aisles, thick carpeting, high ceiling, six galleys, 12 rest rooms, six separate movie screens and an upper deck lounge.

The 747 LuxuryLiner was designed to the personal specifications of President Miraflores himself. On Anchurian Air you are in for a royal treat!

image from Continental marketing
In Anchuria we speak many languages. But our smiles are universal.

An Anchurian Air Cabin Attendant enjoys meeting people — people of all ages and nationalities.

She only wants what’s best for you.

A cool drink. a good dinner. A soft pillow and a warm blanket.

This is not just maternal instinct. It’s the result of the longest Stewardess training in the industry. Training in service, not just a beauty course.

But feel free to delight in her beauty. It’s entirely free of charge.

The job of the Cabin Attendant is to attend to the needs of the passenger. She knows that. You know that. Know your place. And enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

image from Continental marketing
image from Continental marketing
Introducing the last word in First Class.

See it with your own eyes.

It’s bigger than most living rooms, has soft cushiony seats all around, in the middle is a stand-up bar … and not only is it on an airplane, but it’s in coach.

It’s a place where you can mingle, make new friends, have a snack, have some fun. Whatever.

You can even give yourself a going away party while you’re going away. By far, it’s the most wonderful thing ever to happen to a coach passenger. But this new standard of comfort doesn’t stop with our lounge. You’ll notice it everywhere, from nose to tail.

On our new 747 LuxuryLiner.

In first class, you can reserve a table for four. Dine with friends as you would in a restaurant on the ground. Play cards. Hold a business meeting. And upstairs is our redecorated first class lounge. A plush intimate spot where you can pour your own champagne and liquers after dinner.

Micah MacAllen
Anchuria the beautiful.

Anchuria prides itself on its spectacular sunsets. Maybe it is the specific angle of our land on the globe that causes that wonderful play of the light in the atmosphere. Or the unique humidity of the rainforest in a landlocked nation. The scientists have not figured it out.

Many Anchurians believe it is our spiritual strength that is expressed in the heavens above this beautiful country.

After witnessing the sun set behind palms swaying in the evening breeze, you will find it hard to part with this arresting paradise on planet Earth.

And we don’t even want you too. Stay, stranger! The Republic of Anchuria is new. We welcome your foreign interest now. And will care for you with all our might.

David Falconer
San Bavón.
It never closes.

How can a small nation like Anchuria possess such a cosmopolitan capital? The earliest settlements date back from the Inca Empire. But relentless renovations have wiped out most of those primitive origins.

The San Bavón of today is a metropolis with no match in the Americas. A place for pleasure. A place for business. A place of power.

With any luck you could even catch a glimpse of President Miraflores when he enters or leaves his favorite club. Unless you are one of the selected elite with access to some of the most exclusive venues in the world. If you arrived on Anchurian Air, you might very well be! In that case, your cocktails are coming up, Sir.

The Anchurian police force is out and about around the clock. Keeping the peace. Even when memories of the jungle are awakened by the heat of the night in some of our more intense citizens, the streets of San Bavón remain safe and sound.

John H White
Anchuria. The little country with the big smile.

Not too long ago, Anchuria was a country of fishermen and peasants. Nothing wrong with that. We are among the world’s top exporters of exotic fruits.

But the new government has ambitious plans. The strong men of San Bavón have ripped open the old protectionism to allow the Free Market to flourish.

We are rich in resources, both inert in the ground, and alive walking on it. There is no reason why Anchuria could not become one of the world’s topmost industrial forces as well.

Especially with your help. If you are a consumer, by all means, spend your Dollars, your Rubles, your Yens, your Pesos. We are open for business — and you don’t need to tip.

And if you are a businessman yourself, you will find our new regulations and low taxes hard to resist. No need to regret you were not born here. We are very multicultural when it comes to finances. After all, it’s in all of our best interests.

A ticket in less than a minute.

I have read the Anchuria Entry Requirements
Introducing the plane with all the room in the world.
John Atherton 
A lot of what you go to Latin America to see is in San Bavón.
Esteban Vera